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Coming up with your own unique hen party ideas is a challenge. But one we accept! Use the resources below to decide what kind of hen do you'd like to plan for the bride-to-be.
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The very first step when someone asks you to plan their hen party is to wade through the dizzying world of hen party ideas.

If you’re the lucky lady, ladies or lad who are blessed with this unique role, we know you probably have heaps of questions, some vague ideas and some genuinely lovely ambitions to spoil the bride-to-be.

At The Foxy Hen, we can handle the big details like booking your accommodation, meal and activities in the top hen do destinations in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Meaning you’ll have more time to spend on the finer details, the creative touches and the hen do ideas that will make your event truly special.

However, our job isn’t just to book your hen party for you and handle all the hassle. It’s also to help prepare you to be the best hen party planner you can be – corny, we know. But it’s true.

So, we’ve put together this hen party ideas guide for you, to bring together all of the expert knowledge you’ll need to create an unforgettable event.

4 Quick pre-steps for hen party ideas research

  1. Speak with the bride to get her list of do’s and don’ts, preferences and guest list must-haves.
  2. Speak with the rest of the bridal party members to brainstorm and work out clear goals for the type of hen party you’re planning.
  3. Create a rough guest list.
  4. Poll the group about their budget restrictions.

Once these steps have been completed, you’ll find it easier to sift through all the hen party ideas you come across in your research and find the ones that are just right for the bride, for the group and for your budget. Be thoughtful but realistic when deciding what makes it into the final plan.

Hen ideas for different types of groups

Optional hen do idea extras

If you know what you’d like to book for your accommodation, activities, meals and nightlife, then you could stop there and have a perfectly fun hen party. However, if you’re aiming to create an event that the bride-to-be and all the girls will remember as the best hen do they ever went to, then there are some special touches you should consider:

Handy hen party downloads

Inspiration & articles

Common questions

We completely get it and we’re here!

You can chat with us online during business hours, email team@thefoxyhen.com or contact us if you need some help to sort through the wealth of hen do ideas.

Hen party group politics can definitely be a challenge – we’re sorry if this is happening to you.

Ultimately, this event is about the bride-to-be. So, if your group have tried to discuss your ideas and can’t agree, then we’d recommend going back to the source   of all truth.

Talk to the bride and hint at a few of the different ideas (without all the details) and ask her which ones feel right. No one can argue with that!

It’s so important to get the style of the hen party right to make it really match the personality and tastes of the bride-to-be.

To nail down the perfect hen party ideas:

  • Talk to the bride. You need to make sure you know her do’s and don’ts, special requests, the invite list etc. Find out your planning boundaries to build your confidence.
  • Discuss with the group. Get a sense of their budgets, time off work, preferences, fun ideas etc.
  • Be practical and realistic. Keep your ideas and plans achievable – you can be creative without overcommitting and stressing yourself out.

Not necessarily!

Planning some hen party games or choosing a theme are extras for a hen party, not must-haves. However, they can be a really easy way to add a special touch to your hen do.

It comes down to a few factors:

  • What does the bride want?
  • What style of hen do are you going for?
  • Where is the hen being hosted? 
  • What’s your budget?

If it is practical to plan some games and a theme and you’re feeling creative, we say go for it! But don’t stress if it’s just not possible.


Ultimately, the hen party ideas you choose for your event will be perfect because you did the research, had the conversations and got creative!

Hen party planning can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be if you lean into it, get some help from us and just focus on those special touches that’ll make it an unforgettable experience for the bride-to-be.

If you’d like to speak to one of our Hen Party Experts for more hen party ideas or for advice about booking your hen do package, please chat with us online or get in touch!

Let's get the party started! What kind of hen party would you like and where?

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