A fun Hen Party starts with the right game​

Our Hen Party Games Bundle offers your group a unique mix of heartfelt, cheeky and creative games which you can print out and play in person, or share online for a virtual hen party.

You’ll receive PDF game sheets for:

Please email us if you’d like same sex game versions.

The hen party games bundle quiz page shown on a tablet screen

Get the games

How to play

To play in person

Simply print out your chosen game sheets and hand them out to the girls (and guys?) during your hen party games session.

For a virtual hen party

Email your chosen game to the girls before the hen do. They can either (a) print out the sheet at home, or (b) use a digital copy of the sheet or a spare piece of paper to be able to play online without printing.

Need help with your hen party?

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Let's get the party started! What kind of hen party would you like and where?