15 Low Key Hen Party Ideas for Relaxed Brides

15 Low Key Hen Party Ideas for Relaxed Brides

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Laid back ideas for a perfectly low key hen party for a relaxed bride-to-be. Whether you’re staying at home or heading out.

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Planning a low key hen party for a laid back bride-to-be?

Stereotypically, hen parties are loud affairs, involving L Plates and pink tutus. This is great if you like pub crawling, but if you’re a bit more reserved, it’s possible that this is your idea of hell. We’ve compiled a list of low key hen party ideas to help you celebrate in a more relaxed manner.

1. Prosecco afternoon tea

It’s difficult to think of a more low key hen party idea than spending the afternoon chillin’ with your besties, indulging in some tasty snacks and cakes, washed down with a glass or two of fizz.

It’s a great way to have a catch-up, have a stress-free event, and gather your mates’ round for an afternoon of memories, future planning, and general wedding chat.

To add another dimension to your event, why not have a theme? We love Great Gatsby, or a James Bond theme. It gives everyone the chance to get dressed up to the nines and sets your afternoon tea apart from the rest. Also, the photos will be truly memorable. 

2. Chocolate making workshop

If you have a few chocolate enthusiasts in your group (and if you don’t, you need new friends), why not spend a few relaxing hours making and decorating a variety of chocolates and fudge?

You will be shown how to make, mould, and produce chocolates that would make Thornton’s jealous. If you ever wondered just how your favourite Roses are made, now’s your chance to find out. Plus, if making wasn’t enough, you’ll also get to taste and take them home.

No woman who has ever spent time on this low key hen party idea has ever been disappointed. And if she was, well, she’s got chocolate to console herself with when she gets home. It’s a win-win. 

3. Classic movie night

Gather your girls around and have a huge night in. An adult sleepover, if you will. All you need is cute decorations, a cosy space, loads of food and snacks and, of course, a bottle of 10 of your finest Champagne.

If you’re not one for having a night out on the town, this is the perfect solution. You can party in your PJs, with all your besties, choose a few of your favourite movies (The Runaway Bride maybe shouldn’t feature…), and have an amazing night with your favourites.

You could theme your night if you chose, depending on your preferences, and match up your movies with the food and outfits. You can be as tame or as wild as you want to be! This is the ultimate low key hen party idea.

4. Cocktail heaven

Book out a booth or table at a gorgeous cocktail bar in your area and ask your ladies to get their glam on for a night of tasting gorgeous cocktails and sharing memories before the big day.

Although this is a low key hen party idea, it’s also a night out on the town, so it ticks both boxes. Many bars will offer you a special hen night menu or allow you to book out a corner if you inform them of what you’re there for.

Either way, you can have a fairly quiet but sociable night out without having to wear L Plates and carry a bucket around with you. 

5. Flower crown workshop

If you’re a boho bride, or just like flowers and fancy a crown made of them, then a flower crown workshop is a great low key hen party idea for your squad. It’s relaxing and stress-free. It’s also a great way to challenge your girls to who can make the best flower crown and see who has mad skills as a flower arranger.

You can travel to a specific venue or have them come to you, but you’ll get great tuition from an experienced teacher and just think of all those amazing Insta posterity photos! 

Hen party flower crown workshops are available in most of our destinations in the UK and some locations in Ireland.

6. Pasta bouquet?

So, it’s not the first thing that springs instantly to mind when you’re looking for low key hen party ideas but what we want to know is, why not? Who in their right minds *doesn’t* want to grab their girls and invite over a pasta specialist to show you all how to make the perfect penne?

The class involves learning the history of pasta making, learning to make an authentic Italian pasta dish, making a pasta bouquet and, last but by no means least, having a pasta bouquet toss.  It’s a stress-free afternoon for the bride and hen party and a great choice for foodies. 

7. The ultimate spa day

No one in the history of the world has ever uttered the words, ‘Spa? Hmmm…I’m not sure I’d like that’. Everyone likes that. And with good reason, because spa days are AMAZING. Why not check out your local or regional offerings and see what packages are on offer?

For a low key hen party idea, this one always gets full marks. Whether it’s a half or full day, or even a treatment of two, followed by access to the pool, gym, and jacuzzi, there are plenty of ways to build the package that appeals to you most. Chances are, unless you’re a spa regular, there will be a ton of new-fangled treatments you haven’t even heard of, just waiting for you to try.

Picture yourself, lying on a table, surrounded by dim lights and the smell of essential oils, having your cares gently massaged away…. And then pick up the phone and call. 

8. Shopping frenzy

Everyone deserves to be spoiled now and then and, if you don’t deserve it before your big day, when do you? Why not make a day (and night) of it by indulging in this low key hen party idea and taking the ladies out for a shopping extravaganza?

Whether you keep it local or make a trek across the country to one of the humungous out of town mega malls, flex your cash and cards and take some time to buy All Of The Things. You can start off with a lazy breakfast before hitting the stores, have a lazy lunch before hitting more stores, and even have dinner and drinks before rolling home, bags in hand, and collapsing into bed.

The largest shopping centres also offer plenty of entertainment for those who aren’t shopping-obsessed, so there’s no reason they can’t peel off for an hour for a quiet coffee or bookstore browse while you buy your 3rd pair of shoes. 

9. Divas dance class

Why not get your groove on with this low key hen party idea and book everyone up for a local dance class? There are probably a few of you who think they’re already amazing and others for whom dancing fills them with dread.

However, actually learning what to do instead of just, well…making it up as you go is the best way to gain some confidence and have a good old laugh with your mates. With instruction from a professional teacher, you can choose from dozens of themes and dance your little heart out.

What woman can truly admit to not wanting to recreate the scenes from Dirty Dancing at some stage in their lives? Or, maybe your mates and you think of yourselves as the female BTS?

Regardless of your dance heroes, you can now see just what it takes to be them. Plus, think of all the calories you’ll burn that will almost certainly have to be replaced with wine later on. 

Dance classes are available in most destinations in Ireland and the UK.

10. The great outdoors

If the weather is decent, why not go on an outdoor adventure? Hiking in the local hills or biking in a scenic beauty spot is a great low key hen party idea that everyone can get involved in.

It’s probably not wrong to say that, even in your own backyard, there are tons of places you haven’t explored. Grab your maps, mark out a route, and make sure there’s a country pub (or two) along the route. After all, hiking or cycling can be very thirsty work.

A day outdoors gives you the chance to spend a chilled morning or afternoon with the girls, as well as the chance to really explore the world beyond your front door. It goes without saying that, if you’re novices, climbing Ben Nevis, Snowdonia or Carrauntoohil *may* not be the safest outing, so playing safe is by far the best way to ensure everyone comes home in one piece and can make it to the pub to tell tales of their day. Calling out Mountain Rescue, as sweet as they might be, is never a good end to any day. 


For some, even the thought of a hen do makes them inwardly roll their eyes and cringe at the mere thought of what they’ll have to get involved in. It needn’t be like this. If you’re getting married, or you’re the one organising for the bride, it’s imperative you arrange something she won’t hate.

Our low key hen party ideas are the perfect treat for the woman you know all too well would recoil in horror at the sight of a stupid green wig and a sparkly pink sash.

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