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34 Cheeky Ideas For Hen Party Dare Cards

Get your cheeky on with our hen party dare card ideas for a wild hen night out.

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A spoon with hot sprinkles from a hen party dare card

Hen party dare cards are the perfect way to add a bit of cheek, boldness and lots of laughs to your hen party night out. If you’ve been presented with the mighty challenge of organising a hen party for the bride-to-be, you need to make sure it’s a night to remember โ€“ and we’ve got you covered.

There are tons of hen do games and accessories to choose from to help you get the party started. However, when everyone’s loosened up a little, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip out your very own hen party dare cards and test your ladies with a few challenges. After all, it’s far more likely that your mates will be willing to embarrass themselves (and you) after they’ve had a few margaritas.

Naughty hen party dare card ideas

If you’re looking to make things really cheeky, then these naughty hen party dare cards are right up there:

  1. Get a random guy’s number
  2. Remove your bra without taking off your top
  3. Collect two sets of men’s underwear

Uncontroversial dare card ideas

  1. Find someone’s hat to borrow (extra points if it’s a Police Officer or Fire Fighter)
  2. Sit down at a table and strike up a conversation as if you know everyone there
  3. Find someone to let you take a selfie on their phone
  4. Order a drink in another language
  5. Convince someone you’re famous
  6. Make up a whole new persona and pretend you’re that person for an hour
  7. Talk in a regional accent for the rest of the night
  8. Ask someone for their autograph
  9. Get a photo with the bartender or bouncer
  10. Find a guy who’ll let you put lipstick on him
  11. Add movie lines into a conversation with a stranger and make it as natural as possible
  12. Find a stranger to buy you a drink
  13. Photobomb someone’s group snap
  14. Approach a table and down someone’s drink
  15. Find a bald guy and ask to rub his head (be careful how you word your request)
  16. Convince someone you’re a government spy and the hen party you’re with is just a cover
  17. Become a statue and don’t move for 5 minutes
  18. Make a cocktail of your friend’s drinks and down it

Embarrassing ideas

  1. Sing terribly at karaoke (and choose an equally terrible track)
  2. Dance on a tabletop or chair
  3. Get up and dance like a maniac on your own (Dad moves are mandatory)
  4. Serenade a random stranger in the street
  5. Sing everything you want to say for 30 minutes
  6. Wear a pair of boxers over your outfit
  7. Do YMCA moves on the dancefloor to a different song
  8. Use the worst pickup lines you can think of on a random stranger
  9. Bust out some yoga poses in public (extra points for downward-facing dog)
  10. Wear a habit for an hour and say ‘Bless you, my child’ after every sentence
  11. Get down on one knee and propose to a stranger
  12. Wear your bra outside your dress/top


When it comes to hen do games, dare cards are always memorable for all the best reasons. To make things extra embarrassing for the ladies, make sure you take along some equally mortifying hen do accessories (think dodgy cowboy hats, the ugly sweater your Nan knitted for you back in 1987, etc).

As the cool kids say: go big or go home, so make your hen party dare cards as cheeky and hilarious as you can with our list.

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